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Welcome to my Home page.

I appreciate you dropping by and hope you will stay for a while and browse around.

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You can read an excerpt of the erotica free stories from my books and if it has piqued your interest to find out the exciting conclusion you need to buy the book. The novel summaries are mainly about the start of the book since I do not wish to spoil the story by giving too much away.

I have called the first published book I have written, “I See You in My Dreams” and I was prompted by a very brief personal experience as explained in the story behind the book.  The book is fictional, and I used that experience as I conjectured what could have happened to the poor cold young lady of the night.  I also thought why she was out there in the first place.  When I had finished my conjecturing, I found I had only one chapter and thought where do I go from here.  When I finally decided to start with the meeting of Jim and Cathy, two principle characters of the book, the book seemed to take on a life of its own.  Although I still had some spelling and grammar to tidy up, I had completed the book within a week.  The pure romance between Jim and Cathy has some mild, clean sex but certainly, you could not consider the book a sensual story, although the two lovers may be.  Those who have read it tell me they found the book started strong, slowed a little in the middle, but when it started towards to the conclusion, in earnest, they could not put it down.  I admit that I am biased in favor of the book, but I strongly urge you to read the excerpt and judge for yourself.  I hope that you will then buy the book.  The book had compassion for the young girl in trouble.  Compassion for Cathy by her pastor and church community, but the compassion does not stop there.  There is a soft, gentle love of two teenage sweethearts as they cope with their strong feelings for each other.  They are going through this at a time when their bodies and minds are going through change from childhood to adulthood.  Yes, there is some sex as well, but it is a clean, pure sex of two young people very much in love getting to know each other and themselves.  There is emotion, emotion that could draw a tear, emotion that could warm your heart and in a few spots, even in the midst of all the emotion, you might feel like smiling. 

The ladies of the night usually fare very poorly when it comes to reputation even by the clients who use their sexual services, and especially by the pimps who abuse and control the revenue they earn from that sex.  What we have to remember however is that they are human beings and prior to getting caught up in the web they may have been the girl next door.  Many of these ladies of the night are quite young when they start and usually very attractive, but getting in is usually a lot easier than getting out especially if they are popular with the clients and their pimp wants the stream of revenue to continue.  There is the other problem of ever getting married.  Certainly the possibilities of a good match fade the longer they stay in, and even if they do find a good man who is prepared to look at the person they are rather than the lady of the night prior life, there is always the possibility of meeting a former client at a social function which can be embarassing and sometimes worse.  In the words my mother often used, the next time you see a lady of the night remember "there but for the grace of God could be you or your sister or daughter". The book "I See You in My Dreams" is fictional and not based on any person I have known or met.

My second published book is called "My Shorts" and is not a single story.  It is a collection of four stand alone short stories, three of which are excerpts from books I have written or in the process of writing.  There are three poems, some personal reminiscing and articles I have written. The reminiscing includes three family pets and includes some photographs of a delightful little black pug.  Many, but not all of the collection in the book, appear in the Authors Den website.  Most have been very well received especially my poem "Intimate Moments With a Special Person".

My third published book is called "An Ominous Discovery" I start off this book with a chapter on each of three of the main characters in the book. The policeman, the Villain and the victim family. Billington is a quiet little town to which a drifter, Arnie Brody, comes to visit a Vietnam Buddy. He meets his buddy’s sister, which starts a whirlwind romance. He marries her, settles down and they have two sons. Everything seems to go fine until another youth encourages the eldest son, Johnny, to take drugs. Unfortunately, the younger son, Michael, finds his brother’s stash of drugs and dies of an overdose. Johnny is devastated by this, and thinking of killing himself gets his father’s gun, but panics and runs out the back when he sees a policeman at the door. The police officer sees him running with the gun in his hand. When he walks back later without the gun, the police are concerned. Later that evening they find Johnny’s friend shot twice and Johnny’s gun is lying beside him. Everything points to Johnny as the killer, but some things don’t tie in for the Police Sergeant, Bob White, and he checks further.

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